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Commack Weather

Commack Weather

Long Island's Weather, for the most part, is pretty equal within each of the Townships. Although there are some significant considerations to take into account based on your geographical location.
If you have Commack Real Estate, and this is where you live, you may not be aware of this fact. Commack is a village within the Town of Smithtown and on the North Shore of Long Island. If you consider the two counties, it is at the beginning of Suffolk County.
As to the west of Suffolk County is Nassau County, then Queens and Brooklyn, New York. The town above us is Kings Park, which touches the North Shore directly of the Long Island Sound. This town acts as a regional barrier of the Oceans waters. Commack is also many towns away from the North Shore of Long Island.
During the Hurricane months that come around at the end of the summer like August, September to even October, New York Island is exposed to this potential natural disaster. Take in mind the shape and location of Long Island New York in perspective to the global earth. Long Island is a long stretch of habitable land where seven million people call home.
Geographically Long Island technically begins in the west where you can find the five boroughs of New York City.

Facts About Long Island Geography

Long Island, according to law, begins in Nassau County, which is east of Queens, New York. From the Town of Hempstead reaching into Suffolk County going east into the far less populated towns like Montauk New York.
There are significant advantages to living in Commack in contrast to the South Shore towns like Lindenhurst, Amityville, and Bayshore.
From East to West on Long Island, the total length is one hundred and eighteen miles.
The much shorter distance is the length of Long Island from the North Shore to the South Shore, which is only twenty three miles. Quick mathematics tells us that Long Island is ninety five miles long from east to west vs. north to south.
Also, do note that North of Long Island in the State of Connecticut, which acts as an additional barrier to potential hurricanes from attacking the north shore. Long Island is so close to the continental United States from a space shuttle an astronaut may perceive the New York landmass as a peninsula. Although Long Island is very much what its name is, an Island that is yes, Long.
This makes the North Shore of Long Island a much more desirable location to live. Because in the South Shore, there is no solid barrier to protect it from the massive Atlantic Ocean. The only landmass in front of the South Shore is Fire Island, Jones Beach Island, Long Beach New York, and Robert Moses State Park.
Although this may seem like a good shield on paper, if you took a quick look at a map, you would think otherwise. Any Hurricane can easily bypass what is presently in front of the South Shore of Long Island, New York.

Hurricane Sandy Long Island

In the year of 2012, the United States and a lot of Long Island were devastated by an unfortunate superstorm.
This natural disaster would become the most deadly, expensive, and dangerous Hurricane recorded in the history of Long Island New York. This was a massive hurricane that was spawned in the Atlantic, known as Hurricane Sandy. This deadly Hurricane crashed directly into the South Shore of Long Island, NY.
Many people's lives were lost, which make it such a horrific event. Hurricane Sandy, throughout its violent 900 mile path, would leave behind over two hundred fatalities. Homes on the South Shore of Long Island have washed away like a Sandcastle on a beach.
With this being said, Commack is an ideal town to be located during a hurricane, especially one of the likes of Hurricane Sandy. So you may want to look for a Home for sale in Commack.
If you live on a hill in Commack, this also gives you an advantage from flooding that many flatlands placed homes would become a victim too.
Living on a hill has it's pros and cons because it can be a disadvantage during the Winter. With frozen or snowy road living on a hill can be a considerable disadvantage although your pretty much almost 100% covered when it comes to flooding. Unless a hurricane or a natural disaster like no other hits Long Island which we hope will never happen.

Commack Winter Weather

Commack weather enjoys all of the four seasons with fluctuations over the years and decades. From December to pretty much the last day of March Commack weather can either have a little snow or snow almost every other day.
The snow patterns over the previous few years have been quite unpredictable, and we don't invest too much hope into the Groundhogs prediction. Wait for a second, do we really celebrate the psychic powers of a rodent as a United States Holiday? Yes,but that's for another blog post.

Commack Spring Weather

April to May in all reality is Spring for Commack. From June to August, Commack hits it's hottest temperatures. Then out of nowhere on a random day in September, we are smacked with a brisk wind.
This is an omen of the next Winter to come. Before we can enjoy the cold temperatures, Commack has a short season of Autumn or Fall, which either name you like to call it.

Commack’s Autumn Weather

Autumn presents us with the beautiful gift of the changing colors on our trees . Only to punish us later on as they quickly crumble up and become a chore unless you have money for landscapers or live in an apartment complex or something like it.

For more information view this page Commack Weather.

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