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Everything You Need To Know About Commack NY

Commack is a middle to middle/wealthy class town on Long Island. Like all of the other towns within Suffolk County the Commack Weather is outstanding in comparison to upstate New York.

Commack NY is located on the North Shore within Suffolk County sitting in the middle of the island.

Commack is one of the more populated towns in its county. They are filled with big franchise stores like Costco, Walmart, Target and Home Depot. In addition to the many stores you shop at the service industry is abundant in Commack. For example if you are looking for New York Computer Help, located right in Commack is CPR Networks.

You will find many Commack Restaurants that you will love from Outback Steakhouse, Applebee’s Grill + Bar and IHOP. Let me ask you this, are do you own Restaurants in Commack?

Let us know if you do in the comments!

Across from the Bowling Alley on Jericho Turnpike you can find Boston Market, Wendy’s and Taco Bell right next to one another.

With all of these businesses, Commack is one of the few towns on Long Island without a Main Street.

Many families live in Commack because it has one of the best school districts in Suffolk County. From Kindergarten to Senior Year of High School, when it comes to the Commack School District they are one of the best on Long Island.

It is also a very safe town with practically no crime. Any day of the week Commack Locals feel safe walking around their block.

When the baby boomer generation occupied Commack there were so many kids they had two high schools. In one of them was the famous Rosie O’Donnell, Jason Somerville famed Poker Player, and Bob Costas the famous NBC Sportscaster. They were not the only people to become famous who came from Commack. Samantha Prahalis grew up in Commack and went on to join the WNBA!

Like most towns on Long Island, unless you live here, you probably haven’t heard much about them.

This safe, smart and bustling town are perhaps most known for the infamous Commack Motor Inn. WBLI the favorite radio station awarded the motel one the seven wonders on Long Island.

Updated 2019

- Lawrence E. Orient


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